GVEC Internet Fiber Internet service generates lots of excitement across the areas we serve—and for good reason: It’s built from the world’s fastest, most reliable internet technology. With speeds of up to 1 Gbps, symmetric upload and download speeds, rock-bottom latency, and all the other benefits pure-fiber connections deliver, the enthusiasm for GVEC Internet Fiber is certainly deserved.

Expanding Fiber Across South Central Texas

Not everyone across our service territory has access to Fiber—but we strive to deliver this state-of-the-art internet technology to as many customers as we can. That’s why we’re continuously expanding our footprint across the Guadalupe Valley and surrounding areas.

In some local rural communities, big-city ISPs might offer sporadic or shoddy internet service or none at all, making the arrival of GVEC Internet Fiber Internet service all the more important. If Fiber’s not yet available where you live, don’t lose hope: Our Fiber expansion is accelerating every year.

But When’s Fiber Coming My Way?

“That all sounds good,” you may be thinking, “but I want to know exactly when I can subscribe to GVEC Internet Fiber Internet service. Is there a way to find out?” Unfortunately, it’s not possible to offer precise dates regarding when Fiber will be available to a particular address, neighborhood or community.

As our expansion continues, however, we’re working hard to inform next-in-line communities projected to gain Fiber access in the near future. And we strive to let potential subscribers know when Fiber has gone newly live, so they can sign up quickly and easily. We also have some tools and resources you can use to track whether GVEC Internet Fiber Internet service may be coming your way.

GVEC Internet Fiber Internet Service Preconstruction Letters

When our expansion strategy guides us into a particular community or neighborhood, it means GVEC Internet crews will soon mobilize into the area to begin network construction. The process requires access to Cooperative easements, many of which are on or near the residential property. Naturally, the presence of GVEC Internet crews and contractors working in the area causes curiosity. This is why, before any work begins, we mail letters to homes and businesses in the area letting them know to expect us and explaining what we’ll be doing and why.

A Preconstruction letter doesn’t mean Fiber will be available within a week, a month, several months or even within a year—the exact date of service initiation will depend on numerous factors. However, these letters do indicate we’ve begun working to expand the network. If all goes well, we anticipate bringing Fiber service online in the area in the not-too-distant future.

Fiber Preregistration Eblasts

When we know Fiber is “on deck” to go live to your address, we’ll email you. We send this “eblast” to inform you that Fiber availability is on the horizon. Our eblast will also direct you to connect.gvec.net, where you can preregister for service, putting you at or near the top of the line when Fiber goes live.

Fiber Live Letters

When Fiber is ready for service in your home, we’ll mail a letter stating that it’s live, along with all the benefits Fiber offers. We send such letters to areas both with and without access to GVEC Internet Wireless Internet service.


We also send postcards to homes in areas where Fiber is ready for new subscriptions. As with Fiber Live letters, these mailer cards are sent to areas both with and without GVEC Internet Wireless service.

Social Media Announcements and Ads

GVEC Internet works to maintain a robust social media presence, including accounts at Facebook (@GVECSocial), Instagram (@GVEC_Insta), Twitter (@GVEC_Tweets) and LinkedIn (Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative). We routinely use these accounts to announce the commencement of Fiber construction or service to new areas.

We also use targeted ads on these platforms to help spread the word about Fiber—where construction is, where it’s headed and when, and when service is or might be available to specific communities. Following us on any or all of these platforms can help you stay apprised of the latest developments regarding Fiber availability.

You Don’t Have to Wait to Stay Updated

Want to find out if Fiber is available right now at your address? Visit our Internet Availability Map or connect to connect.gvec.net. Enter your current address into the search box on the map and you’ll instantly see which GVEC Internet services are available at your home, including Fiber.

You can click beside a service listed in the results box for more information or to sign up for GVEC Internet Internet services if they’re available. If GVEC Internet Fiber Internet service isn’t available to you, click at the bottom of the results box to be sent to a page where you can let us know you’re interested (you can also express interest in other GVEC Internet services that might be unavailable).

GVEC Internet Internet is Happy to Take Your Call

Finally, you’re always welcome to call our customer service line, where you can get firsthand information about GVEC Internet Fiber Internet service from one of our friendly customer service representatives. Just dial 800-699-4832 anytime from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and we’d be thrilled to update you.

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