Due to the rise of COVID-19 cases within our service territory, GVEC will temporarily close all customer service lobbies as of Thursday, 7/2/20. Drive thru lanes will remain open for our customers' convenience at this time. You may also continue to call us for assistance or visit our websites and self-service portals to conduct business with us.

Fast Fiber Optic

You’ve heard us talk about the fastest internet technology available coming to areas where GVEC Fiber is under construction. Have you ever wondered what makes fiber technology so fast?

Fiber optic lines are extremely thin strands of glass, capable of transmitting digital information very quickly over long distances. Fiber cables can contain up to a thousand fiber optic lines. These cables have the necessary bandwidth to deliver large amounts of data at one time—up to 1 Gbps! GVEC Fiber gives you all the speed you need for improved web surfing, gaming, video streaming, connecting multiple devices at once and more.

GVEC Fiber is now available in select areas of Cibolo, Cuero, Gonzales, La Vernia, Marion, New Braunfels, Seguin and Shiner!

Give us a call today at 800.699.4832, and ask how you can sign up for GVEC Fiber, or visit to show your interest in getting connected!


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