A Legacy Of Neighbor Helping Neighbor

GVEC Internet has been a fixture in the Guadalupe Valley for over eighty years. We began our mission in 1938 by helping light up the farms and homes of the Guadalupe Valley. Back then, the delivery of electricity to this region revolutionized life, and it all started with a group of local farmers joining together to bypass big, investor-owned electricity providers. Those big providers didn’t serve places like South Central Texas because they saw such sparely populated rural areas as unprofitable. The only solution was for neighbors to cooperate and help each other, and that’s precisely what our founders did, forming a not-for-profit, community-driven cooperative that endures to this day.

Next-Gen Rural Transformation

Today, high-speed internet access in many rural communities is largely at the same crossroads as rural electricity all those decades ago. Big, investor-owned internet service providers (ISP) won’t build out to areas they view as too sparsely populated to be profitable. This is where a not-for-profit like GVEC Internet Internet comes in. We remain committed to delivering dependable, high-speed internet to as many rural areas as possible. That’s why we’ll continue expanding GVEC Internet Fiber throughout our service territories in the years ahead.

Hometown Customer Service: The GVEC Internet Internet Difference

Big-net ISPs can be notorious for customer service calls wherein customers spend an hour or more bouncing from one department to the next to do something as simple as change or cancel service. Many times, one or more of those departments—maybe all of them—are based outside the U.S. For many customers, it can even seem like the system is designed to wear them down, so they give up and end the call before completing the transaction.

GVEC Internet Internet customers don’t face such run-around. We are a local, not-for-profit cooperative, employing local people. All our representatives are based in the Guadalupe Valley, meaning they live here and relate well to our local customer base. We answer customer calls quickly, too, and pride ourselves on low hold times.

Fiber To The Home

Most consumers see the words “fiber internet” and assume it’s the same product across all providers. It’s not. Most nationwide ISPs own large, preexisting copper networks that have been in place for years—sometimes for decades. Instead of building completely new fiber networks, they integrate fiber into these preexisting systems.

In most cases, companies use preexisting copper infrastructure for delivering internet the final few yards into a home. Not only is copper vastly limited compared to fiber in terms of speed and data capacity, it’s also less robust and more vulnerable to degrading over time.

GVEC Internet’s Fiber Internet is made up of 100 percent fiber. That’s why we call it “Fiber to the Home” (or Fiber to the Premises)—fiber technology delivered all the way into your home.

Data Caps

In the age of the modern internet, it’s difficult to believe any residential ISP would limit the amount of data a customer can use each month. Data limits have always been more common among cellphone providers, and to this day, those companies still commonly slow each account’s service after a preset data limit has been reached and exceeded.

When considering service from a residential ISP, it’s important to read the fine print and discover any data limits and related policies and fees. You can rest assured though, that all our internet plans—wireless and fiber, all speeds—include zero data caps.

For Big-Net ISPs, The Bottom Line is…the Bottom Line

There are other reasons why GVEC Internet Internet is superior to big corporate competitors, but it all comes back to money. The drive for profit—for gratifying shareholders—lies behind not only every point on this list but behind just about every move big, corporate ISPs makes. At GVEC Internet, we were founded on a belief that neighbors have a responsibility to help neighbors. Decades later, we’re still here running on that same bedrock principle and have extended it with each new product and service we offer, including GVEC Internet Internet.

For more information on GVEC Internet Fiber or Wireless Internet service, call us at 800-699-4832 or visit our residential plans page.

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