When people think of GVEC Internet, electricity may be the first thing that comes to mind. We’ve been providing this resource to the Guadalupe Valley since 1938, after all. But just as GVEC Internet was a pioneer in bringing electricity to under-served areas, we were pioneers in bringing internet to areas often left behind as the age of technology began advancing in the ‘90s also. In fact, with more than 20 years of internet experience, GVEC Internet Internet is by no means the new kid on the block in the neighborhood of internet service providers (ISPs).

GVEC Internet Internet, established as GVEC.net in 1998, began with a mission to bring affordable internet access to rural areas and communities often overlooked by other ISPs. Over the years, the areas we brought connectivity to grew (and continue to grow) as the types of internet technology we have been able to provide has evolved. From our humble beginnings of dialup service to now offering Fiber, the fastest internet technology available, here is a timeline of the history of GVEC Internet Internet:


Due to a scarcity of local internet providers, GVEC Internet partners with DeWitt Electric Cooperative and Karnes Electric Cooperative to found GVEC.net dialup internet service. Established as a subsidiary of GVEC Internet, the separate business was housed in GVEC Internet’s offices.


GVEC.net debuts its Wireless internet service. Wireless technology offered broadband connections that could support much faster speeds than dialup service.


GVEC.net introduces new wireless technology through Motorola WiMax radios, allowing increased speeds without increasing monthly bills. By this time, GVEC.net’s customer base of just over 300 subscribers in 1998 has grown to well over 5,000.


GVEC.net begins its Fiber to the Home Internet service pilot project in La Vernia. Some 1,100 homes are offered the upgrade to Fiber by year’s end. Offering the fastest internet technology available means the ability to provide speeds up to 1 Gbps.


GVEC Internet merges GVEC.net into the Electric Cooperative. This allows GVEC Internet to streamline overlapping operations and create significant new efficiencies and cost savings.


Staying committed to providing reliable internet for our wireless customers, service was launched from two new towers, one in Hochheim and one in Leesville. Additionally, 12 existing towers were upgraded to offer faster speeds in order to provide the best internet experience possible with wireless technology.


GVEC Internet Internet has grown to serve over 14,000 internet customers by the beginning of 2020. GVEC Internet Fiber expansion also continues across the service territory, adding over 250 miles of fiber-optic wiring by the end of 2019.

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No matter what service you normally associate GVEC Internet with, know you can rely on us to deliver fast, dependable internet with the best customer service and competitive prices. Whether you’re a new or existing customer looking to upgrade your service, call GVEC Internet Internet at 800-699-4832 to find out what plans are available in your area today!

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