Not long ago at the Linzy house in La Vernia’s Rosewood subdivision, internet data caps were a costly, inconvenient way-of-life for the family of five. Then GVEC Internet Fiber came to the area.

The Costly ‘Bargain’ of Subpar Internet

The Linzy Family was among the first in the neighborhood to sign up for Fiber. At the time, Alyssa worked for GVEC Internet as a customer service representative (CSR), so she understood the many advantages Fiber offered over the large, corporate internet service provider the family was subscribing to back then.

“They [the corporate ISP] were charging around $45 a month,” Alyssa explains. “That’s reasonable, but it didn’t include overage charges—that’s where they [cap-restricted ISPs] get you. We were consistently paying well over $100 a month.”

There are no data caps with GVEC Internet Fiber.

Data Caps: Unplayable, Unwinnable, Unusable

Alyssa recalls that, for her son Cade’s 14th birthday in 2016, she purchased the popular fantasy-action game Star Wars: Battlefront for his Xbox One®. Like most modern videogames, Battlefront requires a sizable download.

“He could never play because we didn’t have enough bandwidth to download it,” Ayssa recalls. “The system would go for days trying to finish the download, but never would. We tried many times, but none of the data [from previous attempts] got saved, so we always started from 0, and all of it went against our monthly allowance.”

Turning From The Slow Side Of Internet Connectivity

The following year, the family subscribed to GVEC Internet Fiber, and Cade Linzy finally celebrated with some time “in a galaxy far, far away.” He needed only a matter of minutes to start playing, too—in Star Wars, the battle against evil may never end, but GVEC Internet Fiber disintegrated slow download times for the Linzy family, bringing order to their online universe.

Faster, accessible videogames were just the beginning, though. Before Fiber, for instance, Caitlyn, 20, and Caleb Linzy, 24, sometimes found themselves in a not-so-enjoyable “far, far away” place: studying for their university courses at the library nearest the Linzy home—more than 20 miles away in Floresville.

Uncapped Speed, Reliability When Needed Most

As the pandemic swept Texas in early 2020, the Linzys had already been Fiber subscribers over two years, and were impressed. Their experience, in fact, reinforced everything Alyssa had been telling customers about Fiber as a CSR. Since there are there no data caps with GVEC Internet Fiber, and no hidden fees or unexpected charges, the monthly price never changes or fluctuates. Compared to the family’s previous internet service, Alyssa adds, the cost felt like a bargain. But Fiber’s value at the Linzy household was about to go up in a big way.

In the first months of 2020, the pandemic sent the world home; working and schooling remotely became the new normal. The story was the same for the Linzys.

Alyssa recalls, “My youngest daughter—she was living on campus at Texas Lutheran University (TLU) in Seguin, and she got sent home. All her classes went online. It was the same for Cade.”

When Caitlyn realized how fast and dependable GVEC Internet Fiber is for online learning, she decided to live at home for the rest of college. “She’s been very successful,” Alyssa adds. “She’s made the Dean’s list multiple times. Talk about life-changing—that really saved our family some money.”

Alyssa’s husband William joined the online learning craze, too, using Fiber to earn a Business degree from Liberty University. Meanwhile, in his job as a pumper at a local oilfield, he also does some home-based work during “off” days when he doesn’t need to be present in the field. For her part, Alyssa also shifted to working from home full-time during the pandemic, answering GVEC Internet Internet calls without any internet slowdowns, hiccups or crashes.

Life Goes on…Faster Than Ever

These days, Alyssa has accepted a job as a first-grade teacher for La Vernia Primary School—a position that required recurrent remote work during the 2020-2021 school year. William is currently working online to add certifications in Cyber Security and Information Systems to his Business degree. Caitlyn is still attending TLU exclusively from home as an accounting major, and Cade is spending more time than ever with his videogames, having shifted to PC.

GVEC Internet Fiber remains a welcome part of the family.

“We’ve got four smart TVs—one in every bedroom,” Alyssa explains. “So there’s a lot of streaming video in our house, and Cade is pretty hardcore on the games now. He plays all kinds of super, high-techy games he simply couldn’t play before, and he never has a problem.”

In addition to all these, each member of the family also owns a cellphone and an iPad, bringing the total number of connected devices in the home to between 10 and 12. With GVEC Internet Fiber, the family has never experienced any connectivity problems. “Our last carrier had to come to our home for service calls five or six times,” Alyssa says. “And we’d sometimes go for days without service. None of that has happened with Fiber.”

A Unique Perspective On The Benefits Of GVEC Internet Fiber

Thanks to Alyssa’s inside perspective as a former GVEC Internet CSR, she’s sold on both the cooperative way of business and on GVEC Internet Fiber. “GVEC Internet Fiber is phenomenal,” she says. “The customer service is outstanding. We haven’t had any problem, but if we do, I know they’ll get on the ball and get it taken care of.” She adds that although the speed of her family’s plan—100 Mbps—may sound low compared to Fiber’s 1 Gbps maximum, many subscribers will be pleasantly surprised. “We have a lot of internet usage in our home with 0 problems, and we do it all with 100 Mbps. Honestly, if you can subscribe to Fiber, I highly recommend it. You get what you pay for, and GVEC Internet Fiber is worth every penny.”

For More Information, Contact GVEC Internet

There are no data caps with GVEC Internet Fiber or with any other GVEC Internet Internet plan. Find out if Fiber is available in your neighborhood or sign up by calling 800-699-4832. You can also visit our Internet Availability page to check availability and sign up online.

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