The magic of the holidays is here. It’s a season of decorating, caroling and Christmas music, holiday TV and movies, sending and receiving cards, online shopping and greetings, and of course, Christmas wish lists. If your family is like most, you’ve probably got more than a few connected devices on your list. From gaming consoles to smart thermostats, tablets, smartphones, watches, headphones, TVs and so much more, if it’s a state-of-the-art electronic gift, it probably features internet functionality.

Add Better Connectivity To Your List

Before you spend time on Santa’s knee reciting your list of shiny, high-tech Christmas gadgetry, you might want to do a recheck. If you don’t have dependable broadband at home, many of your gizmos will perform like a one-horse open sleigh pulled by a Shetland pony. Certainly, most internet-capable gadgets will function without broadband, but features and performance can be significantly reduced. High-quality internet helps connect the “wow” of modern Christmas electronics—especially if it’s internet built with the world’s fastest internet technology.

What To Ask Santa For? GVEC Internet Fiber

If you’re lacking reliable home broadband, we suggest adding GVEC Internet Fiber to your wish list. Nothing is faster than light speed—not even Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve—and that’s how fast fiber-optics transmits data. In fact, fiber delivers the internet faster, with less data loss and the lowest average latencies compared to all other technologies (reason for gamers to rejoice). Plus, upload and download speeds are equal with GVEC Internet Fiber—good news if your Christmas festivities include video chatting. Fiber is also more resilient than other delivery technologies and less susceptible to interference from weather and other communications systems.

Straight-Into-Your-Home Internet Magic

Many internet providers build networks that integrate copper-based infrastructure into fiber-optic cable. Typically, the copper connects to fiber near the residence, delivering the internet the last few yards into the home. This can lead to a lower-quality experience.

GVEC Internet Fiber is built from the ground up with 100% fiber-optics. When we say “Fiber to the Home,” that’s precisely what we mean: From our hubs, straight into your residence, and along every yard in between, there’s not a jot of copper to be found.

Want GVEC Internet Fiber on Your List? Let Us Know!

If you’re ready to add GVEC Internet Fiber to your Christmas list, start by visiting our Internet Availability Map or connect GVEC Internet. From there, enter the service address, and hit enter. You’ll see a small window within the map showing all available GVEC Internet services to that location.

If you don’t see GVEC Internet Fiber listed, click at the bottom of the services window where it says, “click here to show your interest” in red lettering. This will take you to our GVEC Internet Services page where you can let us know you’d like to bring Fiber—or any other GVEC Internet service—to your home. Encourage your neighbors to show their interest too.

You Can Call GVEC Internet Too

You’re always welcome, of course, to call GVEC Internet customer service at 800-699-4832, anytime from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to find out if GVEC Internet Fiber’s available where you live. Our friendly, knowledgeable representatives can answer any other questions you might have about Fiber, too, and even get you scheduled for installation if applicable. They’d be thrilled to help you check off GVEC Internet Fiber from your Christmas wish list!

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