Have you been making plans for summer? Maybe you’re planning a destination hiking trip to the Ozark Mountains or an exotic get away to some Uncharted island. Perhaps you’re looking forward to short weekend get aways here and there with The Boys or your gal group. Or maybe you prefer to Stay Close by, so you can spend plenty of time relaxing at home, vegging out on the sofa and binge watching some of your favorite shows. If the latter sounds more You, GVEC Internet is here to ensure you have the bandwidth you need for the best bingeing experience!

Triggering an Evolution in TV

Binge watching TV has become a popular pastime in the last few years—especially as more households “cut the cord” to cable and began using their internet connection to subscribe to streaming services instead. While in the early days of streaming, people mainly thought of Goliath media service channels such as Netflix and Amazon Prime for streaming, The Premise of internet-based TV quickly caught on. Now many primary television and cable networks have their own streaming channels available.

This makes finding and choosing favorite shows to watch, whenever you want to watch, easier and more mainstream than ever! Not leaving your valuable viewing time to Chance based on a pre-scheduled lineup of shows gave birth to a generation of bingers—so much so that one day explaining the sweet story of “How I Met Your Father” may include a shared bond over an addictive reality show or sitcom.

Speed For Summer Streaming

Nothing causes a greater bingeing Catastrophe like buffering throughout your favorite shows. GVEC Internet gives you reason to Cheer with the speed you need and unlimited data for optimal streaming.

True Story—GVEC Fiber delivers the fastest internet technology in the world! As if that isn’t reason enough to let out a Shrill shriek of excitement, we offer three Fiber speed plans to choose from–250 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps!

If The Expanse of our Fiber network has not reached your area yet, don’t Panic. GVEC high-speed Wireless has you covered! With speeds up to 16 Mbps or 25 Mbps in most areas, you’ll have The Great bandwidth to support video streaming, online gaming and more.

Get the Bandwidth to Binge with GVEC Internet

Whether you’re a new or existing GVEC Internet customer, see what services or upgrades are available in your area or what’s coming soon, Just Beyond the present, by calling 866.675.9296 or visiting gvec.net.

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