GVEC wireless internet service

By now, many internet customers in our area have seen our ads, mailers and social media postings touting the speeds and benefits of Fiber—the fastest internet technology available. And why wouldn’t we boast about it? We’re excited to offer this service to areas of GVEC’s service territory and continue expansion into other areas. This may have some wondering, though—if fiber is fastest, why do we still offer wireless internet service?

Fiber isn’t Available Everywhere

While we have made great strides in our fiber build outs, there are still areas where Fiber is not yet available. Some of these areas, especially rural ones, still need fast, reliable internet service. That’s where GVEC High-Speed Wireless Internet comes into play. Although wireless internet technology is not quite as quick as fiber, it’s nothing to be scoffed at. Our Wireless service still offers the speeds and bandwidth needed for web surfing, gaming and streaming with unlimited data and plans offering up to 25 Mbps speeds.

Not Everyone Wants or Needs Fiber

In a world of smart technology, where more than computers use the internet, it’s often thought that more is better. The fact is, however, some people just don’t need the fastest speed available. If a household doesn’t have many devices to connect or as many users in the home, they may not wish to pay for more speed than they’ll use.

GVEC Wireless internet offers a range of speed plans for any level of connectivity and that fit any budget. And if a customer does find faster service is needed, upgrading to a faster speed plan is as simple as calling in and talking with one of our friendly customer service representatives!

Wireless Internet Upgrades Continue

With many of our Internet customers being Wireless subscribers, GVEC continues to upgrade our existing wireless infrastructure. This allows us to not only keep existing service dependable, but also to offer new speed plans as the technology become available. As wireless broadband abilities evolve, so will the quality of service we provide for our Wireless customers.

For more information about GVEC High-Speed Wireless Internet, call 800.699.4832, or visit gvec.net.

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