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As time goes by, our toys and gadgets get more sophisticated and more connected. There might be no better gauge of that increasing complexity and connectivity than the gifts we give and receive at Christmas. Every year brings a new generation of blinking, ringing, talking, flashing, selfie-taking, listening, adapting, video-conferencing gadgetry to wrap and give; to receive and unwrap.

Sophisticated Tech Needs High Quality Internet for Christmas

No matter how advanced your shiny new Christmas gizmos are this year, much of that advanced functionality relies on a dependable, speedy internet connection. Certainly, most modern gadgets offer a degree of functionality without quality internet service; for most of these devices, however, features and performance will be greatly reduced without high quality internet access.

Unwrap a High-Speed Christmas with GVEC Fiber

At GVEC, we think the only thing as thrilling as unwrapping a high-tech marvel on Christmas morning is having a high quality internet network to connect it to. With speeds of up to 1 Gbps, GVEC Fiber uses the world’s fastest internet technology to deliver the speed and stability you need to unwrap the full potential of every new device in your home this holiday season—no matter how many new devices there may be.

Fiber-based internet is not only faster and more stable than other internet technologies, it’s also more resilient and robust, with dramatically less susceptibility to weather or interference from outside communications or electrical systems. Fiber-based systems also degrade far less over time than any other internet technology.

Even Santa Can’t Outrun the Speed of Light

We may never know the secret of how Santa’s sleigh travels the entire world in a single night, but the power behind GVEC Fiber Internet is no mystery. Fiber uses light pulses to transmit data instead of electromagnetic signals like other technologies. Nothing in the universe can deliver information faster, more dependably or with less data loss. Only fiber-based internet delivers identical download and upload speeds, along with the lowest latencies of any internet technology. This is especially good news if you’re using new Christmas toys for online gaming or video conferencing.

Fast Internet All the Year-Round

Santa may deliver to your home only once a year, but GVEC Fiber delivers the world’s fastest internet technology right up to your doorstep the whole year. Unlike some fiber networks, we link every mile with fiber optic cable, including into your home. Many others blend preexisting, older technologies into their fiber infrastructure in the last few yards or feet leading up to the customer’s doorstep. This can have a significant impact on the overall user experience. With GVEC Fiber, you get a pure fiber experience every time.

Christmas Magic at the Speed of GVEC Wireless

If Fiber isn’t yet available in your neck of the woods, we also offer GVEC Wireless Internet across of the areas we serve. As with Fiber, we’re continuously improving and expanding our Wireless network. We’ve recently expanded access into new areas with high-speed 16 Mbps and 25 Mbps connections. We also upgraded available speeds in communities where Wireless is already available to 16 Mbps and 25 Mbps. That’s more than enough connectivity to bring out the magic of every Christmas morning toy.

For Christmas at Maximum Bandwidth, Ask for GVEC Internet

Wondering if Fiber is available in your neighborhood in Cibolo, Cuero, Geronimo, Gonzales, Hickory Forest, La Vernia, Marion, McQueeney, New Berlin, New Braunfels, Stockdale, Schertz, Seguin, Shiner or York Creek? Or maybe you’re ready to sign up? To learn more about Fiber or Wireless, call GVEC at 800.699.4832; or visit our Internet Availability Map.

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