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If you consistently experience weak signals from your Wi-Fi network to any part of your home, a GVEC mesh network could potentially transform your online experiences.

What is a Mesh Network?

Mesh networks are a relatively new technology developed as an evolution to older signal-booster devices. Like older technologies, mesh networks are designed to improve coverage of home Wi-Fi signals. Mesh networks, however, are vastly superior to older tech, which includes Wi-Fi repeaters and range extenders.

Repeaters and Extenders

Repeaters and extenders are generally self-contained, single-device solutions that deliver varied results. These devices can work well for some users and not so well for others, and can produce inconsistent results within the same Wi-Fi network.

One major disadvantage of repeaters is that they use some of the signal bandwidth they are boosting, leaving less for devices on the network. Extenders don’t have this problem, but these devices create a separate, extender-based network running within the primary one. This requires users to log separately into the extender signal.

Why Mesh Solutions Are Better

Mesh systems include two separate elements—a primary router and one-to-four network-dependent miniature, “satellite” routers. For most mesh users, one or two satellites paired with the primary will be enough to expand Wi-Fi coverage into areas suffering from weak signals.

Unlike repeaters, mesh networks don’t consume bandwidth, leaving the entire signal available for use. And although mesh devices create a “network within a network,” unlike extenders, they don’t require separate login. Whether a Wi-Fi-connected device is switching between your system’s principal router to a component in the mesh network or between mesh components, the user experiences no interruptions.

Connecting a mesh network to your existing Wi-Fi network does more than merely boost your principal router’s signal. Mesh technology can significantly and consistently expand your home network, widening its footprint and creating dependable, uninterrupted connectivity throughout the premises.

Do I Need a Mesh Solution?

Does internet connectivity slow to a crawl in certain parts of your home? Do websites take excessive amounts of time to load, often omitting large parts of the content altogether? Does streaming video in these parts of your home frequently freeze and “buffer” before resuming? If so, a mesh network has potential to dramatically improve internet performance in these spots.

Maybe you’d just like to extend internet coverage to your front or backyard or to some other part of the property? A mesh network can deliver dependable internet to places with little or no coverage.

Why the GVEC Mesh Network Solution is Superior to Big Box Products

Wondering if a mesh network might be the answer for dead spots or low-coverage areas in your home? Are you a GVEC Internet subscriber? The GVEC mesh network solution is custom-designed to deliver a seamless, hassle-free experience for GVEC Internet customers wanting to add “oomph” to their home Wi-Fi signal.

We will install and set up the system and do any required troubleshooting after it’s up and running. With mesh systems from third-party retailers, you’re responsible for install and setup. If you need help, you’ll have to rely on the device manufacturer or maybe the retailer. What’s more, we include a 100 percent guarantee on GVEC mesh network equipment and on installation. We can’t guarantee non-GVEC equipment will work with our devices.

Additionally, each of these systems generally come with four satellites at retail, with no options for purchasing fewer. As we mentioned, most customers need no more than two pods to effectively optimize their Wi-Fi signal to dead spots; and many only need one.

Mesh networks from retail are expensive, too—at least $300, and that’s on the low end; most users, then, will pay for expensive equipment they don’t use. The GVEC mesh network solution, on the other hand, costs just $2 monthly for each pod.

Learn More About the GVEC Mesh Network Solution

Interested in knowing more about GVEC’s mesh network solution? Maybe you’re convinced and are ready to get one of these systems installed? Just give us a call at 800.699.4832, and we’d love to help!

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