Just like a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, fiber internet service is fiber internet service. Right?

Wrong! So, if all-fiber service is not created equal, what’s the difference? What makes GVEC Internet Fiber Internet better than other fiber networks?

Fiber Technology

Before we answer these questions, let’s delve a little deeper into why fiber internet technology is superior to cable and others. Fiber internet service is delivered through fiber optic cables. These cables have the necessary bandwidth to deliver large amounts of data at one time. Data speeds via fiber are the fastest available.

Fiber internet also offers the most reliable service. Fiber optic cables are insulated from outside disturbances. This means atmospheric conditions, such as inclement weather or temperature fluctuations, for example, are much less likely to affect your service.

Why GVEC Internet Fiber Is Even Better

Now that we’ve determined what makes fiber the best internet technology available, let’s talk about what makes GVEC Internet Fiber even better. Our Fiber runs a seamless connection directly to your home through an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), providing a fiber connection straight to your computer or to your router for a wireless connection in your home.

Other providers may only connect their fiber optic cable to a hub in the area and use copper wire to carry service to your home. This can reduce reliability and speed, as well as degrade over time. Additionally, copper is more limited in terms of speed and date capacity compared to fiber.

GVEC Internet Is The Internet Service Provider You Can Trust!

In addition to providing superior fiber internet service than many other internet service providers out there, GVEC Internet is a local name you know and trust. Our Internet customers can count on us to provide the same great customer service we do for our electric service members. And while we provide that personal level of customer service, we’re also able to offer the latest technology at competitive prices to meet your needs.

For more information on GVEC InternetFiber Internet service, call us at 800-699-4832, or visit our website at GVEC Internet.

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