Underground utilities are very common. Some of the benefits to this include added protection from the elements and a cleaner esthetic to yards and neighborhoods. With these benefits also comes responsibilities for property dwellers and contractors—such as calling to locate lines before any digging project.

Call 811

Calling 811 before you dig is important. In fact, in Texas it’s the law. Texas 811 is a free service to protect property owners, their neighbors and utility providers. If you’re planning work that requires digging, such as landscaping, sprinkler installation, fence building, home renovations, and more you must call 811 at least two business days before beginning the project.

Within the two business days, line locators will be sent to mark lines in the work area. These markings will serve as your guide, so you’ll know where it’s safe to break ground and what areas to avoid.

811 Doesn’t Locate Fiber Lines
While calling 811 is important to locate lines for underground utilities such as electricity, water, gas and more, you should know that they do not mark lines for underground internet service such as GVEC Fiber. Customers must call their internet service providers to mark this.

Call GVEC Internet to Locate Fiber Lines

If you’re a GVEC Internet Fiber subscriber, call us at 800.699.4832 at least five business days before your digging project. Either a GVEC representative or our contractor will come locate Fiber lines. Just like Texas 811, this line location service is free.

Calling us to mark GVEC Fiber lines before any type of excavation work is performed helps to ensure you avoid causing damage to the underground service. Not calling could result in potential damage as well as loss of internet service, wait times for repair and being liable for “cut line” fees.

Make the Call

Not calling before your next project is a bad call. So remember—if you’re a GVEC Fiber subscriber, call 811 AND GVEC Internet before you dig!

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