COVID-19 has some people preparing for the holidays differently this year. Concerns for the health and safety of family members and friends have spurred smaller dinners and gatherings for many.

The thought of not being with some of your loved ones, especially those you may only see during seasonal celebrations, may be sad for some. But in many ways, if a global pandemic had to happen, this may have been the best time in history for it.

In-Home High Tech

With the internet service available in this day and age, like extreme-speed Fiber from GVEC Internet, doing more things from the comfort of your own home became even more valuable to many people this year. From online shopping to home entertainment, the internet technology of today had made some COVID-19 circumstances more tolerable—including helping social distancing not feel quite so distanced.

Let’s consider the progression of online communication. From the introduction of home internet service came email and instant messaging; then texting and social media, and eventually applications like Skype; leading the way to FaceTime and livestreaming on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. And as many families and social circles discovered in 2020, virtual meeting forums such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom allowed groups of people, all at different locations, to “visit” with each other at the same time by video.

Getting Out While Staying In

Even if you can’t be somewhere with someone, livestreaming and meeting platforms can give you the sense of not being quite so stuck at home. People were able to enjoy livestreams of concerts, zoo and aquarium visits, and museum tours from different websites after initial stay-at-home recommendations were issued. In some cases, you may have been able to experience places and events you may not have otherwise.

The same technology allowing these types of interactions may also be the saving grace for many this holiday season. If you’re not able to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s this year, maybe you can set aside some time on Thanksgiving or Christmas to catch up with them via Zoom or Facetime. Be sure to include Aunt Bertha and Cousin Eddie while you’re at it. The point is, even if you can’t get together, you can be together.

Preparing for the Holidays in 2020

Planning for social distanced festivities this season means being sure you have enough bandwidth just as you would make sure to have enough turkey and dressing and pie.

GVEC Internet Internet offers Wireless and Fiber services where available, including areas of Seguin, Marion, Schertz, Gonzales, Shiner, and Cuero. You can count on us to offer the reliable connection you need to be virtually home for the holidays—especially if you can’t be there in person. Call us today at 800-699-4832, or visit our Internet Availability Map to see what GVEC Internet Internet services are available in your area.

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