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Home Wi-Fi Optimization

Do you experience weak signals or dead spots in parts of your home?

There are a number of reasons why your home Wi-Fi coverage can be less than optimal:

The Size of Your House – If you live in a large home, particularly one with two or more stories, Wi-Fi signals can have a difficult time maintaining full strength as they spread throughout the premises.

Material Obstacles – Certain materials can impede or block Wi-Fi radio signals completely. These include brick, concrete and metal. Even large mirrors can interfere with the quality and strength of a Wi-Fi signal.

Router Location – The location of your router is another important factor in obtaining maximum Wi-Fi coverage in your home. Your router should be centrally located, away from walls or structures made of the previously mentioned materials, and, ideally, located halfway between the floor and ceiling.

GVEC’s Home Wi-Fi Optimization Solution Can Help!

Do you notice a significant difference in your home Wi-Fi coverage from one room to the next? Are there certain areas or entire rooms where you get no coverage? Maybe in some parts of your home, capturing a usable signal means moving around with your device until you can watch a video without constant buffering or load a webpage without hitting the reload button several times on your browser. If any of these describes your home Wi-Fi experience, you may need to consider optimizing your home Wi-Fi with a mesh network.

What is a Mesh Network?

A mesh network is a newer type of signal-booster technology that combines a router with up to four separate mesh units known as “pods”. These pods connect wirelessly to the router, communicating with it and retransmitting its signal to areas in the home with low or no coverage.


Repeaters and Extenders

Mesh networks are a relatively new technology. Before they hit the market, the two major solutions for improving home Wi-Fi coverage were repeaters and extenders. Both types of device continue being sold, but neither offers the benefits in extended range and signal strength of “pod”-based mesh networks like GVEC offers:

Wi-Fi Repeaters – Repeaters are small devices that receive your wireless router’s signal and retransmit it to the problem areas in your home. Because repeaters operate at only one wireless frequency, they offer less overall bandwidth, which can be problematic for applications like video streaming and online video games or if multiple users are on the network at once.

Wi-Fi Range Extenders – Also known as Wi-Fi extenders, these devices are similar to repeaters, but have the advantage of operating at both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrums. Extenders can receive your router’s signal at one bandwidth and retransmit it at another, preserving full signal strength for devices on the network. However, operating at different spectrums for receiving and retransmitting means extenders create a separate network alongside the original, requiring users to log into the extender to use the signal.

How is GVEC’s Wi-Fi Optimization Mesh Network Solution Better Than Repeaters and Extenders?

Mesh pods don’t share the same bandwidth as devices on your network and do not require separate logins when jumping between your router and pods. Mesh networks deliver powerful, seamless Wi-Fi coverage with unchanging signal strength throughout the entire premises. When a device switches from the router to a pod or from one pod to another, the only thing you’ll notice is consistent, strong internet coverage. These devices can even extend your network, at full strength, to your front or backyard.

Big Box Mesh Network Systems are Not the Solution You’re Looking For. Here’s Why.

There are a few reasons why GVEC’s mesh network solution is a better investment than one from a big box retailer:

Cost – The mesh networks available at big box stores cost $300 and up. By contrast, renting mesh network equipment from GVEC Internet costs only $2 per pod, per month. For a typical home, no more than 1 or 2 pods are needed.

More Equipment than Needed – The mesh networks available from major retailers require you to purchase a system with three satellite devices. For many customers, this will be more devices than needed to boost and extend a home network, meaning they’ll be paying for unnecessary equipment. That won’t happen with a mesh system from GVEC. We’ll start you with one or two pods and add additional ones—up to four in total—only if doing so proves necessary.

Guaranteed Support and Compatibility – When you buy a mesh system through a major retailer, you have to install it yourself. You’re also dependent on the device manufacturer and, maybe, the retailer for support. GVEC can’t guarantee any familiarity with or knowledge of the operation of non-GVEC systems. Neither can we guarantee compatibility with our network equipment. However, we can guarantee complete compatibility and support for our in-house Wi-Fi mesh network solution.

How can I get a mesh network?

It’s easy. Just call GVEC Internet at 800.699.4832 and one of our customer service representatives will explain the process of choosing the right system for your network and getting it installed and setup.