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Netflix and GVEC: Connecting on a Local Level

GVEC recently joined the Netflix Open Connect program, which is good news for all GVEC Internet customers. As an Open Connect partner, we now host and serve the entire Netflix content library locally, from our own data centers right here in the Guadalupe Valley.

What is Netflix Open Connect?

Through this free program, Netflix supplies the servers needed to process all the company’s data and content. For those unfamiliar, servers are a type of networking computer designed to function as a hub for online traffic. These devices continuously receive and distribute large amounts of data across the internet and can be quite costly—especially those handling some two terabytes of streaming data! For its part, GVEC must supply only storage space for the devices, along with connectivity and power. The Netflix Open Connect program, then, provides substantial benefit to GVEC Internet customers without additional charges.

How Does the Netflix Open Connect Program Work?

Netflix has dubbed the servers used in this program “Open Connect Appliances.” OCAs update, organize and store new streaming content on a daily basis, allowing GVEC Internet customers to stream Netflix video from within the Cooperative’s service territory. Local delivery greatly reduces the geographical distance content travels, and that’s important. Why? Without local delivery, Netflix data must travel some 1,800 miles from the company’s headquarters in Los Gatos, California to the Guadalupe Valley. Eliminating 1,800 miles of data nodes, junctures, conduits and choke points creates a faster, smoother, more dependable streaming experience.

All GVEC Customers Benefit from the Netflix Open Connect Program

If you’re a GVEC Internet customer, but don’t subscribe to Netflix, you may feel left out. Sure, Open Connect sounds great for Netflix subscribers, but why should nonsubscribers care? Well, freed from all those virtual obstacles, GVEC can reallocate significant amounts of network bandwidth. This enhances the internet experience for all GVEC customers regardless of whether they subscribe to Netflix.

GVEC General Manager Darren Schauer Applauds Open Connect

GVEC General Manager Darren Schauer has expressed great excitement regarding the Netflix deal. This arrangement, Schauer noted, is a reminder of the Cooperative’s commitment to providing customers with state-of-the-art technologies. “We are continually focused on serving our members and customers with better, more efficient products and services,” Schauer said. “Joining Open Connect represents another means for delivering on that promise at no additional expense to our customers.”

Looking for Better Local Internet, Faster Netflix Streaming? Join us.

If you’d like more information about Open Connect or about GVEC’s internet options, call us at 800.699.4832. We are currently growing our Fiber Internet service to serve more Guadalupe Valley communities and households. GVEC’s wireless internet options are better than ever, too. For more information, call or visit our Internet Plans page.

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