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Has your social media news feed become dull and drag? Do you find yourself scrolling aimlessly through friends’ photos, meaningless memes and food pictures? Maybe it’s time to add some useful substance and liven up your feed by following GVEC! Here are the kind of fun and functional things you’ll find when you follow us:

Learn About Our Products and Services

GVEC is long known as a dependable electric provider, and you’re probably aware we supply reliable high-speed internet also. But did you realize there’s a whole wide world of GVEC products and services that go beyond the meter? Following us will give you easy access to learn about our other products and services including AC/heating, solar and battery storage options, electrician services, our SunHub™ Community Solar program, public Power Tower™ and residential electric vehicle charging, and more!

Fun Photos and Interesting Videos

Our social media pages are jam-packed with photos and videos featuring a range of topics, like throwback Thursday pics, fun and informative employee recruiting videos and all kinds of things going on at the Co-op and in the community.

News and Announcements

Stay on top of widespread outages, scam alerts affecting GVEC customers or severe weather expected for the area. Also keep up with GVEC scholarship and Power Up grant deadlines and winners and local news and events in our area of South Central Texas.

Electrical Safety and Energy Efficiency Tips

Safety and efficiency are a big part of the electric side and everything else we do at GVEC. You’ll find plenty of useful tips and reminders of ways you can save energy, avoid electrical hazards, and stay safe while working around the house or enjoying seasonal activities.

You Follow Us?

So, if you’re not following us yet, what are you waiting for? Fill your feed with fun and functionality by following us on: Facebook (@GVECsocial), Twitter (@GVEC_Tweets), Instagram (@GVEC_INSTA) and LinkedIn (GVEC) today!


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