holiday shopping online

There’s no doubt that online shopping has grown substantially in the last few years—especially holiday shopping. And it’s no wonder. Who wouldn’t want to avoid crowds and shop in their jammies from the comfort of their own home? It’s important to remember, however, even while you’re nice and comfy, not to let your guard down.

Peeking Through Public Wi-Fi

It’s tempting to connect via public Wi-Fi, especially if you don’t have unlimited data. But public Wi-Fi is often not secure. Cyber criminals know how to intercept personal information sent over a public network, and they tend to work overtime this time of year to do so. Use your data or wait to make purchases until you can connect through a secure, password protected network.

“Yule Log” Out or You’ll be Sorry

Make sure to completely log out of banking websites, shopping sites, and cash apps. If your phone or device happens to fall into the wrong hands with these open interfaces, you’ll likely end up buying way more than you bargained for.

Don’t Shop On “Stranger” Sites

Everybody loves a good deal—especially during the holidays. But be wary of online stores and boutiques you’ve never heard of. If they’re offering a deal that sounds too good to be true, it likely is. You may check out, they receive your money, but you never receive your item. Or worse—they now have the payment information you used to check out.

Use Online Payment Platforms to Protect your Presents

Using an online payment platform is a helpful way to limit the surface area your personal payment information touches across the internet. This way, your payment is stored on the platform, and you don’t have to risk entering it on every site you buy from. Well known online payment platforms like PayPal are generally considered safe. In fact, cybersecurity risk management company UpGuard bestowed PayPal with an “A” security rating.

If you check out on a website that doesn’t support your online payment platform as a payment method, be sure not to store your payment information.

Shop Local With GVEC

When it comes to holiday shopping, there’s nothing quite like shopping local. Local merchants and companies usually offer the best customer service, and keeping your spending dollars in the local economy benefits your community.

GVEC is proud to be your local internet company, offering the best in high-speed internet technology, including Wi-Fi 6 certified router rental with any service subscription and extreme-speed Fiber—the fastest internet delivery there is! To extend the benefits of shopping local to your home internet connection, call us at 800.699.4832 or check out our Internet Availability Map to see what GVEC Internet service are available at your location.

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