Over the last few decades, Thanksgiving has changed quite a bit. Almost gone are the days of combing through dozens of cookbooks for recipes, making individual phone calls to invite people for dinner, “magneting”  the Butterball® hotline phone number on your refrigerator door (just in case), and waking up early to stand in line for hours waiting for stores to open on the day after Thanksgiving. Now you can do most of these things more quickly and conveniently—often from the comfort of your living room couch—thanks to the handy-dandy internet!

Looking for Cooking Tips and Ideas

The internet is an endless abyss of many things, including recipes. Home cooks rejoice in finding “copycat” recipes of their favorite restaurant fair, celebrity chef tips and tricks, and new ways to transform traditional Thanksgiving staples into a show-stopping edible array. No longer limited to borrowed cookbooks or those they have on hand, foodies can type in any inquiry to search, “pin” and create a menu that would have taken days or even weeks in the days before digitized recipes.

And if the residential chef runs into trouble with the turkey on the big day, even reaching the poultry authorities at Butterball is faster than ever. While you can still call their toll free number if you prefer, you’ll likely find much quicker responses and advice in the chats and posted prep steps online and on their social media posts instead.

Being the Host with the Most

Need new serving dishes or pots and pans? How about decorations to give your home a festively fall look? Online shopping has consolidated and condensed hours or days of hopping from store to store into conveniently browsing site to site.

Even the big grocery shopping trip has been streamlined with digital coupons and online ordering for curbside pickup or even delivery to your doorstep. The only thing that could make it simpler is having someone cook the meal for you. Oh, wait—you can also book catering services with a few taps on your screen.

Entertainment Made Easy/span>

Thanks to email and social media, you can quickly and easily invite friends and family to your Thanksgiving feast. Fashioning a cute “e-vite” to send to a group of email recipients is a nice way to let someone know you’d like the pleasure of their company for the holiday. Or creating a social media event for your soiree” is a convenient way to keep tabs on you guest list, so you know exactly who’s coming to dinner.

Additionally, if you’re one of the many families who’ve cut the cord from you cable TV provider, you likely depend on internet-enabled streaming services for your screen-time amusement. The last thing you want on a weekend filled with televised parades, college football games, holiday movies and video gaming is connection that keeps buffering or dropping.

Black Friday From Bed

For many a parent looking for the best deal on the perfect gift for their child, Black Friday has become an occasion in its own right. Once upon a time, celebrating this event included finding a sitter for the kids, trekking out in wee hours of the morning, standing in long lines, darting through large crowds in store after store—all after a full day and still-full stomach from just hours earlier. If there were ever a reason to be thankful for a dependable internet connection during the holidays, Black Friday is it!

Now you can set your alarm for the time a sale starts, log on, add to cart and check out. Of course all the action stores’ websites see during this time can cause some annoyances. This makes having reliable internet service you’re confident in even more of an asset. You don’t want to be stuck in bed, guessing if the retailer’s site is experiencing delays because of heavy online traffic or if your service is buffering again.

Internet Service You’ll Thankful For

GVEC Internet delivers a dependable connection you’ll be thankful for when the hustle and bustle of the holidays roll around. We offer a range of plans to match any budget or lifestyle—including speeds of up to 1 Gbps in areas where our extreme-speed Fiber is available. If you want to see what GVEC Internet services or upgrades you can sign up for in time for the holidays, call 866.675.9293 or check our Internet Availability Map at gvec.net.

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