Want Fiber Internet?

Why Fiber?

Fiber to the Home Internet is the fastest Internet technology in the world. It is more reliable than any other type of Internet delivery because the service runs through fiber optic cable consisting of strands of pure glass. A single cable can contain up to a thousand fibers, which increases the ability to deliver large amounts of data at a rapid pace.

Join the Crowd!

Show us your interest in joining the crowd of extreme-speed GVEC Fiber Internet users by entering your address in the box on the top left corner of the map below. If GVEC.net expands into your area, we’ll let you know! Telling us that you’re interested in our service also helps us plan for future Fiber growth.

If any other GVEC services are already available to you, a pop-up message will show what is available. Fill out the Interest Form on the pop-up after you enter your address to let us know you want our service!

The information provided on the map is of a general nature only and does not guarantee that service will be available to your address.

Read our Fiber Expansion Updates to see where we’re building currently and get progress on construction.
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