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Ever wonder where there term "Buck" came from?

The slang term "Buck", referring to a dollar, dates to pre-settlement time when deerskins (commonly called buckskins) were used to trade and barter for supplies. According to a report in 1779, "A large buckskin is valued at a Spanish dollar; two doeskins are regarded as equal in value to one buckskin."




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Deer Sausage

If you are a deer hunter looking for the best deer sausage you've ever had, bring us your boneless or quartered deer meat, and you'll soon realize why Maeker's Processing makes more deer sausage than just about any other company in Texas.  We have clients all over the United States and Mexico who trust us with their deer sausage making needs. 

What Documents do I need to bring?
Applies only to venison brought in quartered.  Venison that is boneless and frozen is exempt from the below requirements.

bulletBring your Deer License.
bulletIf you are transporting for someone else, bring license and address Information, and telephone number of licensee. 
bulletBring any permits  (Doe Permits etc.)
bulletFor Venison killed in Mexico, bring all Mexican Government, and ranch documents.

What type of products to you make with Venison?
Maeker's Processing is a very busy place during deer season.  Be aware that making it in our database as a Deer Sausage customer can sometimes be a daunting task.  This is a very busy time of year for us and it is situated around the holidays.  Therefore we have chosen to do one thing with venison, and it's the one thing that we do best...  DEER SAUSAGE!  We will only make 2 items from your venison: Keep in mind we will accept your deer meat at any time of the year. 

bulletSmoked Ring Deer Sausage
bulletPan Sausage

How is the Deer Sausage Packaged?

bulletOur Smoked Ring Deer Sausage is Vacuum Packaged in a 3 mil barrier plastic pouch.  Many of our customers have commented that the sausage stays fresh for over 2 years.
bulletOur Pan Sausage is Stuffed into a 1 lb. or 2 lb. Tube.
bulletThe product is labeled with an oval "Deer Sausage" label.
bulletAll Deer sausage is boxed and ready for transport.  There is no need to bring ice chests to carry product home...unless you are traveling more than 3 hours.

How does Maeker's Accept Venison?  No field dressed deer accepted.

bulletFresh or Frozen
bulletDeer meat must be clean and free of any visible contamination.

Can I bring my own pork to add to the Sausage?

bulletMaeker's Processing does not allow any outside non USDA inspected pork products to enter our facility. 
bulletWe will add a minimum of 50% pork to all Deer Sausage.  Many customers choose to add 60%.

How much do you charge to make deer sausage?  (Prices Subject to Change without notice)  Contact us for current prices.

bulletFee to bone out Deer if necessary    $.19 Per lb.
bulletFee to make sausage                     $.79 Per lb.  .89 for less than 50 lb.
bulletGrade A Pork (Boston Butt)            $1.49 Per lb.
bulletGrade B Pork (Boneless Shoulder)    $1.39 Per lb.
bulletPackaging                                    $.29 Per lb.

How long will it take for my sausage to be ready?

bulletUsually we can have your sausage ready in 10 days or sooner. 

Hopefully we have answered most questions you may have in regards to our Deer Sausage making procedures.  Please contact us if you have any further questions   maekers@gvec.net


Making Deer Sausage at home?   


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