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Here you will find many parts used in the construction of various Hydrogen Generators. We are not biased towards any one design and our goal is to offer you all the parts you may need to build any design you want. You will also be able to use our selection of parts to custom build your own design! If there are any parts that you may need but we do not have listed please feel free to contact us and let us know.

Plastic mason jar lids.

These will fit any widemouth mason or ball jar. 16oz, 32oz, 64oz, it doe not matter as long as it is a widemouth jar. Many people use these for the tops of their generators to mount the electrodes through. Plastic is used over metal because it will not short out the electrodes or rust! They come in sets of 2 so just let us know how many pairs you would like. We can also custom drill and mount them as shown on the right.




Small Fitting Kit.

This includes the air intake adjustment valve (bubbler), 2 couplers, 2 elbows and a tee fitting. These are what water4gas recommends using when creating a mason jar generator.

Large Fitting kit.

This includes 4 feet of Vacuum hose, a universal tee, and a pressure relief valve. These are also recommended by water4gas in their hydrogen generator system.


Tower Kit.

These are the pieces needed to build your own tower along with stainless steel 316L wire. The pieces (once assembled) will make a tower approximately 2.25" wide by 5.75" tall. 13 feet of 316L wire is included. We can customize this to suit your needs if you shoot us an email.


Pressure Relief Valve (Check Valve)

This can be used as a pressure relief valve in the lid of the generator or a check valve in the lines of the generator. These are sold in pairs.

$9.99 for 2
Pair of Bubbler Assemblies

This is a pair of water4gas bubbler assemblies for your own hydrogen generator. This will get you two of these which should be enough to build two generators. These are prefitted with the yellow anchor at the bottom to help disperse the air that is taken in.


$6.99 for 2