Sporting Clays Equipment

    We build a full line of Sporting Clays equipment. We use Mattarelli, G.M.V. Superstar, Pro-Matic or  Lincoln Traps in our units. They are operated via Long Range wireless remote control and are battery powered with the assistance of solar panels. You will not find better Sporting Clays Equipment anywhere. Browse our product line below and if you do not see what you need call us. We can build anything to your specifications.

The Roll-Around - One of our newest portable units that is quickly becoming very popular. It has a corded remote, marine battery and includes a trickle charger as pictured. The machine base is able to tilt on two separate axis's providing several different throwing angles. 

- This is one of our self contained portable Shooting platforms. It comes with everything you need to load up and start shooting.

- Our remote release with optional thigh release mount. With this, you can hang it on you shooting gate and as you lean against it, the clay is released.

Completely Portable John Deere Sporting Clay Unit - This completely self contained unit is built around a John Deere Gator ATV. As you can see, this unit has everything that you need to start shooting. Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger picture. Call us for details.

ATV Sporting Clay Machine - Available with wireless remote and 12 volt solar power system OR pull cord configuration. Click on the thumbnails for an enlarged version.

Sporting Clay, click to enlarge - Sporting Clay, click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Rabbit, Click to enlarge - Rabbit Box, click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Springing Teal, Click to enlarge - Springing Teal, click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Whobble Trap Front View Whobble Trap (notice Remote Control apparatus mounted at rear) - Whobble Trap, click on the thumbnails to enlarge. Click HERE to see our Whobble Trap in action. If the video doesn't start automatically after clicking on the link, right click on the link and select "save target as" and then click on the file or just select "open" in Windows XP.

Double Trap Double Trap Close-up Exterior View of Double Trap with Solar Panels and Gun Rack- Double Trap, click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

5-Stand Sporting Gate, Click to enlarge Our Sporting Gates with menu attachment (click to enlarge) - These are our Sporting Gates available with or without the menu attachment. To see a sample of our menus, click here.

6-Gun Rack with Water Canister, click to enlarge - This is our 6 Gun Rack with Drink Canister, click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Click to see the full sized picture - This is our scoring tower. Click on the image to see the full sized version.

- This is one of our many shooting platforms

 Call Us for pricing, details or requests.